Players doing commentary alongside other roles can lead to conflict of interest, says BCCI ethics officer

Jain said Ganguly and Laxman can just pick one of the different jobs they are performing right now.

BCCI morals officer and previous Supreme Court judge D.K. Jain on Friday said previous or dynamic players commentating during competitions could likewise add up to irreconcilable situation (COI) as 'one individual one vote' is the spirit of Lodha changes.

In the wake of passing the request on Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman's COI, Jain said the two acclaimed cricketers can just pick one of the various jobs they are performing right now.

Ganguly is commentating in the World Cup, heads Cricket Association of Bengal, is a Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) part and counsel of IPL establishment Delhi Capitals.

Laxman too is commentating, is tutor of Sunrisers Hyderabad and a CAC part. A month ago, Sachin Tendulkar, who is a Mumbai Indians Icon, was cleared of COI after he pulled back from the CAC.

"For Sachin's situation it (COI) did not emerge as he pulled back from CAC. In these two cases (Ganguly and Laxman), I have given them alternatives, they can choose. I have just said that they can hold one post of their decision," Jain told PTI.

"It is for them to choose, how best they can serve the round of cricket. I have just deciphered the Lodha changes for future direction, I have not done anything unprecedented. The spirit of Lodha board of trustees proposals is one individual one post, I have recently attempted to bring it out recorded as a hard copy. Presently it is for BCCI to implement it."

Tendulkar, Laxman and Ganguly had challenged COI claims at that point.

In any case, with the morals officer deciding that both Ganguly and Laxman need to pick between their jobs including discourse, it could prompt numerous previous and dynamic cricketers falling under COI.

Tendulkar also is commentating in the World Cup however the objection against him was recorded over his double job of Mumbai Indians Icon and CAC part.

Jain, who was delegated by the Supreme Court in February, additionally addressed the subject of dynamic players, for example, Robin Uthappa and Irfan Pathan doing analysis at the progressing World Cup.

"There might be some aftermath (of this request). In view of this request, there could objections against dynamic players too. So they can apply their psyches and be prepared for that circumstance.

"I have not banished anyone (from commentating), I have just chosen what COI implies according to the BCCI constitution. Guideline 38 of the constitution bars one from holding of various posts at one point of time. I have done nothing else, I have just translated the constitution.

"It is for the players to see whether it would concern them or not. It was just managing these two cases (Laxman and Ganguly). For different players, regardless of whether it would concern them or not concern them, it is for them to apply their psyche. They can peruse the request and act as needs be."

Be that as it may, it is for the BCCI to uphold Jain's structure.

"It is the first occasion when I have deciphered the standards (in the constitution). I don't know whether it will be acknowledged or not. Anybody needs to challenge it, can challenge it. One individual one post is the idea of Justice Lodha moreover. It isn't just pertinent to the cricketers, it might apply to officer bearers moreover.

"I have just given understanding of guideline 38.4 of BCCI constitution and the meaning of COI in the standard itself, which everybody was disregarding," Jain included.
Players doing commentary alongside other roles can lead to conflict of interest, says BCCI ethics officer Players doing commentary alongside other roles can lead to conflict of interest, says BCCI ethics officer Reviewed by Munna Shaikh on June 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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